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How to Strip a Magazine

In one of my lectures last semester I was introduced to Composition. We looked at magazines and how they were arranged in a way that the viewers eye was lead to certain components.

Therefore I was challenged to strip a magazine cover and build it up again.

This is the magazine cover that I chose –

For me the main focal part of this magazine cover is the fly on Seth Rogens nose. Here was my starting point, I was going to remove the fly from his nose. To do this I used the clone stamp tool, which basically acted as a skin graft in a creepy way.  I was able to stamp a part of his skin and stamp it over the top of the fly to erase it.

My next goal was to erase all the text, it was simple to erase the text down the sides, this was a simple eraser tool job. However the text on his blue shirt and the Rolling Stones text on his hair were vey difficult. Again using the Clone Stamp tool I was able to do this. 

These are the results.

I was able to strip everything from the magazine poster so it was just a photo of Seth Rogen. I then began to add all the text again.

Here you can see the original and the stripped down and built back up version.

This was my first attempt at using the Clone Stamp Tool, I will be making more effort to practice with this tool.