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Design Challenge

For this design challenge I have been provided with texts from films, books or poems. I’ve had to pick one of these and use it as an inspiration to create a image that represents this text.


Out of all the texts given I chose the quote –

“Friends come and go… my soldiers, stay eternal” – 2Pac

To get some inspiration I made a mood board of images I might want to use that I feel tie in with the quote. To do this I went FILE > AUTOMATE > CONTACT SHEET.

Some reasoning behind my selected images

1st Picture – Obviously its Tupacs quote so I wanted to integrate him into the image.

2nd Picture – I wanted to use a scroll to put my quote on because why not?

3rd Picture – When googling around the subject of eternal it either came up with the typical infinity symbol but I found this. This symbol stands for eternal friendship.

4th Picture – He uses the word soldiers and I don’t believe he literally means Army soldiers but your everyday friends and the hands represents the friends.

5th – I wanted to decorate the hands so I chose this bracelet, I actually own a bracelet similar that was given to me by my best friend for my 18th.

6th- Finally this is a dog tag, often when I think of friends the word brotherhood comes to mind and dog tags follow. This especially ties in with the word soldiers.

Here is the final product – This image is compiled by me and demonstrates my use of photoshop technical skills such as

  • Adding Images
  • Adding Text
  • Selection tools to cut out images
  • Rulers and Guides
  • Scale, Move and Rotate Images & Text
  • Arrange Images and Text on separate, named layers

Here in this image you can see the different layers that make up my image.