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Editing Photo No1

For this chapter I will be editing my favourite photo from the photoshoot. I edit my photos using Adobe Photoshop CS6.


Original Photo


Image > Adjustments > Brightness/Contrast

The first tool that I used was the level tool, I wanted to make the photo look darker to give it a bit of a scary and stormy feel to it. Therefore I pushed the light out of the photo. To further darken and control the image I used the Brightness/Contrast tool.

Here is the result


Looking at the image its clear to see that the image is too dark at the bottom, therefore I made the decision to brighten the photo up by purposely making the houses lighter. To do so I had to cut out the houses and copy them onto another layer so I could change them separately. For me to do so I had to use the Polygonal Lasso Tool. Here I could precisely cut out the buildings and copy and paste them into a new layer.


In this screenshot you can see that the lasso tool is selected and I’ve cut out the buildings as planned.

I then selected the new layer, labelled ‘buildings’. To brighten them up again I used a combination of levels and brightness/contrast.

Here is the final result


Final Image

To demonstrate the transition of the photo I here is a short clip to show the changes.


Continue to the editing of my second photo arrow-for-jamess


Gallery of Raw Photos

Here are the raw photos taken in Horsforth on my walk – These photos were taken on a IPhone 6s by myself. 

Continue to see my favourite photos that I took.