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How to stay organised

Before I start any project, I believe it is very important to remain tidy and organised, this way information can’t be lost or misplaced. Organisational skills are transferable on the digital desktop. You perceive a messy desk as being professional so why would you have a messy desktop?


Therefore, at the beginning of my first project I created a directory of folders that listed all the modules I would be taking in my time at University. I then Created Assignment 1 & 2 subfolders within my Visual Branding folder. This way I wouldn’t get the work from semester 1 and 2 mixed up.


Here is a screenshot of my digital desktop.

Within my assignment folders I have organised all my files via the programme used. For example, I have an Adobe Photoshop folder, therefore all my .psd files will be located in there. The same goes for all screen-shot-2017-02-09-at-20-35-11the different formats of files.

Another reason why I keep my files organised is because if a client who was unfamiliar with my files wanted to locate something they would be able to narrow it down with my folder categories and find it. Overall It is important to be organised as it means that you don’t risk losing information and you don’t waste time trying to find it as it will be easily found. Also like many businesses they won’t be carrying out the same job all the time so by remaining organised you can carry out other jobs and can come back to them and not lose valuable files.