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How to make a Motion Graphic

Here is tutorial that I found useful when creating my motion graphic. Similar to this video I also used Adobe Premiere to create my motion graphic.

First before I could start this animation I had to make sure that the different layers I wanted to include in the animation were saved separately.

All the layers in this Photoshop file had to be saved separately.

Once the layers were saved separately, I then opened up Adobe Premiere. I added the all the layers to a media file in the bottom left corner so I could be organised. I then went on to add my  layers to the timeline. I made sure that each layer appeared at the right time. For example the background remained on the timeline for the whole of the graphic. However the different moon shapes appeared at different times to produce the animation.

I also had chance to use the special effects, I used the fade setting so that there was a flow to the moon growing sequence.

Here is the final product of mine: