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How to make a GIF

In this tutorial I will be demonstrating how to create a GIF on Adobe Photoshop.

As you can see on my home page I have an animated banner, this is a gif.

First of all I have all my separate layer in the position I want them to be and they are all organised with titles on the layer menu.

The next step is to make all your layers invisible, you do this by clicking the eye next to each layer.

Looking at the timeline at the bottom of the screen you need to make the layer you first want to see visible, on the first frame. This is usually the background.

Next you want to add another frame, by clicking the tab at the end of the time line you get the option to add a new frame  

Then on each frame keep making one more layer visible. In my example each frame I uncover another word.

Finally you need to alter the time in between the frames, I made mine 0.5 seconds between each word appearing.

Finally for you to save it so you can use on your WordPress blog you need to go File > Save for Web. Make sure the format is Gif.

NOTE – When uploading to WordPress do not crop the image otherwise the animation breaks.

Here is my final product.



How to Strip a Magazine

In one of my lectures last semester I was introduced to Composition. We looked at magazines and how they were arranged in a way that the viewers eye was lead to certain components.

Therefore I was challenged to strip a magazine cover and build it up again.

This is the magazine cover that I chose –

For me the main focal part of this magazine cover is the fly on Seth Rogens nose. Here was my starting point, I was going to remove the fly from his nose. To do this I used the clone stamp tool, which basically acted as a skin graft in a creepy way.  I was able to stamp a part of his skin and stamp it over the top of the fly to erase it.

My next goal was to erase all the text, it was simple to erase the text down the sides, this was a simple eraser tool job. However the text on his blue shirt and the Rolling Stones text on his hair were vey difficult. Again using the Clone Stamp tool I was able to do this. 

These are the results.

I was able to strip everything from the magazine poster so it was just a photo of Seth Rogen. I then began to add all the text again.

Here you can see the original and the stripped down and built back up version.

This was my first attempt at using the Clone Stamp Tool, I will be making more effort to practice with this tool.




How to use Hue/Saturation Tool

Here is a basic tutorial by me on how to find and use the Hue/Saturation tool.

The Hue/Saturation tool essentially allows the user to change the colours of the image – the hue typically enriches or takes the life out of an image and the saturation controls the lightness and darkness.

In my image I have altered the colours. Initially it was green and very vibrant summary image, using this tool I have managed to alter it so it is more red and appears to be taken in the season autumn.