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Rothschild Wine Project

For this tutorial I will be demonstrating the process of creating a brand design for a client from the brief they have given. I will be starting by establishing the concept and the goals of the client and their brand. Once I have a grasp of what the client is after I will begin to do my research which in hand will help me to begin designing drafts of the product.


These drafts will be test products where I will see what works and what doesn’t. Here I will produce my final product which I will present to the client.

My client is James Rothschild, his family have owned a wine company for 200 years. His family was one of the first families to arrive and settle in New Zealand. They arrived in New Zealand in 1816 via a ship called The Flying Mist. Their journey was difficult and stormy and as a result their ship ran aground 400 metres away from the shore in Dunedin. Once they got on their feet they set up in Otago and colonised in McKenzie Country.  Following this they started up their wine company in Gore, Otago where they sell Red and White Wine such as Merlot and Pinot Grigio. From this point on their wine company has been very popular and has been successful, this is evident as they have been running it for over 200 years.

Recently Rothschild Wine has been looking into distributing their wine further to Japan. The reason for this is the Japanese alcohol market mostly consists of spirits. Recently beer has been introduced into their market and has proven very popular. Therefore they have seen a perfect opportunity to penetrate this market and introduce their fantastic selection of wine.

Using the information he’s given me about his business and its plans they have asked me to design and create a label for their wine bottles that will be sold in Japan. I have now established the concept of their business and what they are asking me.


For part of my research I decided to bullet point anything associated to New Zealand Or Japan to kind of get an idea of features I could include and work into my design.

Japan / New Zealand

  • Asian Pacific
  • Blue sky’s, Water and Hazy feel.
  • Samari
  • Mountains of New Zealand
  • Ocean
  • Fern
  • New Zealand – Fern Leaves.
  • Harmony
  • Red Whites.
  • Red Sun

The next part of my research I wanted to actually look at wine bottle labels and some of their designs. Therefore I compiled a mood board of some different wine bottles from New Zealand and Japan.

I liked the simplicity of some of the wine bottles, hardly any bottles are over complex or over the top. Some feature purely text and the majority do feature a small image but nothing too detailed. This seems to be the rule for most wine bottles so I would make sure to apply this to my design.

In terms of colour, I really liked the idea of integrating red into my work. This is because red is regarded as a traditional colour of Japan. Its included in their national flag and is often the colour that depicts the sun. To get an idea of the shades of red I used Adobe Colour to analyse the colours in the Red Sun.

By this point I had already decided on a few ideas, I really liked the idea of including the Japanese sun, the very first image to pop into my mind when thinking of Japan. When sketching ideas up I had one idea that really stuck out and I wanted to run with.

Here is that design.

  1. I got an image of New Zealand but as a silhouette, then using the magic wand I selected the white background and deleted it. The reason for this it would help me for the next stage of my work.

2.  On another document I got the image of the sun and again using the magic wand tool cut out the background so I purely had the sun. I then duplicated the layer onto my New Zealand silhouette document. 

3. Again using the same process I cut out a picture of a fern. However I wanted it to be the colour white so using the paint bucket tool I changed the colour to white.  I then duplicated this onto the new Zealand layer.

4. My final stage is to position all my layers where I wanted them to be. I placed the sun lower down new Zealand in the area where Otago is. I put the fern on top the sun to show the connection between the two locations. Here is the finished product.

To get a full idea of what this would look like on the shelves I photoshopped this design onto a wine bottle. Obviously a wine bottle has text, so I had to decide on a text that I thought was appropriate. In the end I went with ‘Signpainter’ this font was easy to read but smart and appropriate for the brand. Considering this wine business has been running for hundreds of years it seems fitting they have a old fashioned font.

Because my design is simple I didn’t want to cram the wine bottle with text, therefore I simply added the necessary information – the name, type of wine, where its made and how much is in the bottle.

Here is the final design showcased on a wine bottle.

I’ve chosen a simple design as those are the designs I liked the most when looking at other wine bottles during my research. I’m happy with the results of my wine bottle label.